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ギーター・サンガ online course - Gita Sangha.



「科学で解くバガヴァッド・ギーター」スワミ・ヴィラジュシュワラ大師著 岡太郎訳 木村慧心監修(たま出版)」

The Bhagavad Gita is widely read not only in the Eastern and Indian cultures but also in the Western cultural sphere, with an estimated readership of around 900 million people worldwide. This classical text, compiled between the 5th century BCE and the 2nd century CE, contains teachings on overcoming human conflicts through the wisdom of Yoga. It is revered as a practical and living wisdom of Yoga that is useful in daily life. In Guitar Sangha, we aim to explore this magnificent classic together with you, delve into its profound teachings, and connect them to practical applications. Join us and let's learn the wisdom of the Gita together.


"Scientific Interpretation of Bhagavad Gita" by Swami Vilajyeshwara, translated by Okataro and supervised by Kimura Keishin (Tama Publishing).


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